Hard tackle? Thump or bump? Knocks and bangs? It’s time to act fast. To help limit the pain and begin the relief. For cooling relief from your pain that helps you get back on the pitch, just score some Deep Freeze!


What is Deep Freeze?

Deep Freeze is a range of products designed to provide cooling relief from the bumps and strains that can be a common occurrence in sport. Designed to rapidly cool an injured area, Deep Freeze helps numb pain and relieve muscle aches and strains, allowing you to get on with that vital game, run or exercise.


The Deep Freeze Range

Deep Freeze comes in a range of products for convenience and relief. Use Deep Freeze Cold Spray the moment the injury occurs, to help keep you on your feet. Deep Freeze Cold Gel is can be used during or after the game, offering soothing relief for up to 60 minutes.1 Deep Freeze Cold Patch is ideal for use at home, 24-48 hours after an injury, or for keeping in your kit bag in case of an injury.


Freeze Pain

Whatever your game or sport, Deep Freeze can help relieve bumps and strains. Use it as soon as injury occurs, so you can help relieve the pain without taking too much time out of your sporting activity.

Training Tip






1. Results from objective and subjective studies (12 people) indicate that one application of Deep Freeze Cold Gel 2% w/w can produce up to 60 minutes of skin cooling, which is 3 times the duration of skin cooling compared to a 10 minute application of ice.


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Deep Freeze Cold Gel 2% w/w is a medicine for the relief of muscular aches and pains containing racemic menthol. Always read the label.